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Travel With Me: Colombia

Santa marta Colombia


Even though my family is from Colombia, and we travel there very often, I always feel like a tourist in my own country.


well you see, there is so much beauty here in Colombia, so much to explore that in each trip you discover something new!

So this trip I went dora the explorer mode and travelled to Santa Marta!

There wasn’t enough time to explore everything but one things for sure I’ll be coming back.

View From the Santa Marta airport!

immediately you will be welcomed with this view from the airport!

As you can see we have a poser in our midst

There are many beaches around Santa Marta, but the best ones are the touristy ones.

Buritaca Trip

The horse is the latest ‘Uber’ which will take you to the waterfall.

There’s a Tour you can take which take you to a beautiful river and mini waterfall, then to the beaches of Buritaca.Some of these tours will include food and breakfast.

Playa Buritaca is where both river and sea separate, Its amazing what you can find here in Colombia!

Pereira- Coffee Region

Of course I couldn’t finish this post without a food selfie!

This is Bandeja paisa, a typical dish you find in the Paisa Region. There’s a range of dishes you can choose from like fish, meat, vegetarian. This dish though, is very typical and is my all time favourite!

There are many places to visit in el eje cafetero region, but one I visit the most is Consota or Comfamiliar, (same place). there’s a mixture of parks, pools, activities and adorable farm animals you can see!

I know this doesn’t even cover a fraction of Colombia but hopefully these little tasters will let you see a different face of Colombia that isn’t Pablo Escobar.

Thanks for reading!

Peace! Mishkiins x



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