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My Trip to Portugal!!

It’s only been 2 weeks since i got back from portugal and damn do i wanna go back!
The food there, the people, the views, just wow!

So we travelled to the south of Portugal reaally early in the morning, so we were all tired and zombie-like during our whole flight, but the minute we saw we were almost there we all got a bit more excited and just started taking pictures of the wave-clouds as you see here…yep…interesting..
 But once we arrived we head straight to the Algarve Old town, full of beautiful small shops selling..umm really interesting things haha
but no really the town is beautiful both day and night, the restaurants there are A-m-azing! there’s just a nice atmosphere the minute you get there that makes you feel welcome 🙂

(Mini selfie heading back to the town)

we mostly went to the old town and to eat out (omg the weight gain) and chilled at the the villa we stayed at, i will eventually do a post of all the foods i tried there, again… eventually,  staying at this town was enough, at night the neon lights turns on and the live music begins, there are a lot of family-friendly places mixed with clubs and discos
during the day, the mini shops and restaurants are open with many street entertainment and ice creaamm!
I would recommend going here, i honestly didn’t see anything wrong or bad or any downsides, food is amazing the beach is beautiful and the people there are just so kind and welcoming and there is many mini shops to go look around and buy 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this mini holiday post! 🙂


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