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My travel essentials!

Hey everyone! Since I’m going to be travelling soon I’d like to show you my little travel essentials i like to pack with me to the plane. Some of the products I use are inexpensive and easy to get at your local drugstore 🙂  My main priority is to have a clean face when I’m going to go on a long flight so the first thing I pack with me are face wipes. Face wipes to me are so essential since they freshen up your face when you’re feeling tired or you need a bit of moisture on your face.  I usually use either the No7 face wipes or the Boots refreshing cucumber wipes.

Again my priority is to make sure my skin doesn’t look dull,tired and dry after the flight so my main focus is hydration.

After cleansing my skin with the wipes I use Avène Thermal Spring Water which helps soothe your skin. When I’m feeling fancy, I go the extra mile and use the cucumber or avocado face mask which also really helps freshen and moisturise my skin.  Another method I use is after applying the thermal spring water, I wait 5 mins for it to sink in on my skin a little bit then apply Kiehls oil which is used to wake the skin up, I usually apply this in the morning (or daylight on the plane) with my advanced night repair serum which I will talk about in a moe! But first… the lips!!

I suffer from this horrible thing called dry lips (ikr?) where Vaseline, Nivea chapstick or even eos doesn’t help banish this embarrassment, (it’s not a lack of water problem, I drink a lot of water!) so I tried Lanolips and FINALLY my dry lips have disappeared! I usually apply this at night or in the morning so they can stay hydrated. So I HAD to take this to my flight since the dry air is literally poison to my lips. Literally apply when you’re starting to feel you’ll need it and voila!    Okay so I know this works for some people but oh my gosh Estée Lauders Advance night repair really saves my skin every time I fly with noo fail! Even after a night out and my skin looks dull or tired I apply this serum at night (or in this case, on my flight) and my skin looks hydrated, alive and definitely no where near dull.

Make sure you apply this to a clean face, it helps restore and repair the skin. It’s main use is for anti-wrinkle but I mostly use it for its other benefits. Since I have combination skin so sometimes I have a greasy face day or sometimes it’s a dry as the Sahara desert face day, it’s always hard to find the perfect creams and serums that help my skin. This serum helps balance things since it’s not oily, it doesn’t leave a heavy residue and it’s not really a gel either, it’s like a combination of the two but with a light texture that you barely feel it’s on your face but at the same time packs a powerful punch against those wrinkles and dull skin!

Seriously, hiiighlyy recommend it!

Hopefully you guys enjoyed reading this and found these products useful as they have for me 🙂


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