Spring’s finally arrived! And the longer, sunny days begin!  Yay! Since I’ve been down with the flu, I decided to be casual this Sunday and show you my OOTD.


Top Urban outfitters- Vintage Dreamcast T-Shirt (only in black now)

I usually don’t care if a shirts from the men’s section- If I like it, I buy it! Especially when it’s on sale. (£10).


Topshop Super Ripped Joni Jeans- (similar colors)

Moto Super Ripped Joni Jeans

Moto Blue Super Ripped Jeans Joni Jeans


(I have no idea what the T-Shirt says in Japanese but It looks pretty sweet!)

Usually when I want to feel casual I usually just throw a cool looking T-shirt, a pair of jeans and some sneakers, the best way to dress when feeling lazy is feeling as comfy as possible without putting too much effort in pairing things up. I definitely want to use more ‘menswear’ T-shirts for future OOTD and show you guys how I pair them up!

Thanks for reading!

Peace! Mishkiins x

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Spring My Everyday Makeup Essentials

Spring is finally here and we are finally starting to see some sun here in London! (this means a lot to us) so I’d love to show you my everyday makeup products for this spring (or summer apparently according to the calendar).

spring Lancome, nyx Blush


My all time favourite has always been Estee Lauder’s Double wear foundation, but since my skin keeps changing- it’s no longer oily, but dry and oily at the same time, if you know what i mean? i know.. weird, but my second favourite is Lancome and their new Teint Idole Ultra Wear. This foundation is perfect for this time of year since it’s very light on the skin (you don’t feel cakey) but at the same time has a really good coverage. It brings a subtle natural shine to the face and is retouch free so it lasts for 24H, so it’s perfect for those who are on the go (like me) and have no time to be re-applying makeup.


Next up is my favourite blush! Nyx Coraline, it has a perfect corally-pinky tone to it which is perfect for olive skin tones (like myself) or even light skin tones, it creates a beautiful light blush adding a soft flush to the skin creating a natural look which is perfect to wear during the day.

Spring concealers and bronzers



Ive mentioned this before in my previous post but my go-to bronzer is Lancome Belle De Teint which creates a natural bronzy glow to the skin.I won’t mention too much about this product but you check it out in my previous post if you want to know more about this product.




I don’t use all three at once but depending on how dark my dark circles are I choose between the three, and mix two. These are really great to correct any blueish, brownish undertones and with the light concealer, I brighten the under eyes which creates a great finish!

Spring Estee lauder lipsticks and smashbox





My favourite part of my everyday makeup is choosing the right lipstick for my look. when I’m feeling bold I use The new Estee Lauder Pure Color Love in the shade 220, which is a beautiful pink with a matte finish. If i want to have a nude-like look I’d use Estee Lauder Pure color Envy in the shade 410 which has a light rose pink shade. Finally, if i want to go more less pink, i use Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in the shade First Time Matte, this has a brownish pumpkin shade which adds colour to your face and does not make you washed out! The struggle to find a nude shade that doesn’t make me look washed out is so hard! so this is a great alternative.



There’s not much to say with these two products but in order to complete the spring everyday look, I use Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme mascara which adds volume to my lashes, I can either add one coat which is enough or add more layers to have the ‘clump’ effect.

Finally, the brows. I have have bushy brows so there isn’t any need of any heavy brow products, so the Bobbi Brown Long-wear Brow pencil is great to just neaten up those fluffy things.

What’s you’re favourite makeup products you use for spring? let me know!


Mishkiins x



Rummaging through my lipstick collection I’ve realised something, I am a HUGE lipstick collector! with different versions of pinks, berry, reds, corals,browns, nude and plums! so for now I will be showing you my favourite berry colours.

Ive swatched each one so you can have an idea of how each colour is different but still within the berry family, theres a mix between lipglosses and lipsticks with different finishes, but luckily all are super pigmented which are great since you wouldn’t wanna keep relayering the same colour over and over again!

links of each lipstick are below.

From left to right:

L’oreal- Color Riche Matte (shade 430)

Rimmel London- Lasting Finish By Kate (shade 53 Retro Red)

Burt’s Bees- Lip Gloss (shade 257 Ruby Moon)

Rimmel London- Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer (shade 307 Meteoric Matte) 

BareMinerals-  Pretty Amazing Lipcolour (shade Witty)

Revlon- Colorstay Moisture Stain (shade 005 Parisian Passion) Discontinued 🙁

Charlotte Tilbury- K.I.S.S.I.N.G (shade Night Crimson)

Tom Ford- Lips & Boys Lip Color (shade 73 Joaquin)

Smashbox- Be Legendary Lipstick (shade Jam On It Matte)



One of my makeup must is a bronzer, I simply cannot live without it!

So I’ve tried and tested different shades and brands and I’ve found my three favourites. each one has a different shade and a different finish which is great since I can either mix them together or just stick to one.

The first one is Bronze Goddess by Estee Lauder- It’s great for any skin type since it’s oil free, it has a silky feel to it so it glides perfectly to your skin. it’s also buildable so if you can add a touch of Bronze Goddess for a healthy glow, or build it up to create that contoured cheekbones! this bronzer has a slight shimmer to it which creates a healthy, bright look.

The second Bronzer is the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit- This is perfect for contour! it has a matte finish and is great for olive skin tone (like myself) it doesn’t leave a muddy look and really brings your features out. Occasionally I like to combine this one with the Bronze Goddess to add a bit of shimmer, but it perfect for those who love a matte finish to their skin!

The third and final bronzer is the one I use literally every day! (you can see it’s already showing the bottom of the product D:) is Lancome Belle De Teint, its great for everything! it gives you that healthy glow when you have those days you look like a ghost, it’s great for contouring that invisible non existent chin (I have a small jaw, it’s hard to show a chin..seriously!) Brings radiance to my skin and has a natural finish! unless you wanna add that contour technique and add a lil bit extra bronzer, but I usually tend to do that when I’m gonna go out with friends and you gotta have that makeup on point!

Anyways, let me know if any of these amazing bronzers are your favourite or if you have your own favourite to share 🙂

Peace! Mishkiins x
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Helloo my potatoes! (Yep, kinda random) So I have combination skin where sometimes I breakout in a awkward part of my face annnd other times I’m just plain oily so I wanted to know what foundation was best for my skin. I decided to do a mini test with a couple of foundations to see which ones gave out more oil. I used Boots brand oil absorbing blotting paper which usually absorbs the skins oils to make your face more matte and squirted a pea sized amount on the paper to see the results. Boy was I surprised!

The foundation I used for this mini test was Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder, Estée Lauders double wear, Smashbox studio skin 15h hydration, Benefit Big Easy, Estée Lauder BB moisture makeup, Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h, Clinique CC cream and Smashbox Camera ready BB. As I read these I did think the ones that would end up with the most oily sheet would be the moisturising foundations or the BB/CC creams since it makes sense to hydrate you’d have a little extra oil. Below are the results!!

As you can see the ones with the arrows had the most oils within the products, i left them there for about 5-6 hours, Seeing this made me realise the amount of extra oil from certain products are added on my face!  surprisingly the ones which gave out more oil wasn’t the BB’s or the CC (well…except the smash box BB) it was the ones I least expected! Charlotte Tilburys light wonder, Benefit Big Easy and Smashbox BB.    The ones with least amount of oil on the sheets were Estée Lauder double wear, Estée Lauder BB, Smashbox studio skin 15h hydration (thought this one was going to have the most.. oops) and Clinique CC cream.  I didn’t mention Lancômes one since this one had its sheet tinting almost immediately whilst I was placing the other foundations on the sheet so I thought this one gave out its oil…faster? If that makes sense? Yeah!    Anyways, I hope you liked my little experiment! thanks for reading 🙂  Mishkiins x