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Holiday Makeup Essentials

  Sometimes it’s hard to decide what to pack in your luggage, especially when it comes to makeup! Must admit though, I am guilty of over packing makeup products that I end up not using…

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Travel With Me: Colombia

  Even though my family is from Colombia, and we travel there very often, I always feel like a tourist in my own country. why?

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Browns & Nudes: Lipstick Obsession

I’ve finally found some Nude lipsticks that made it to my favourites!

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OOTD: Simply Black

There are days where I don’t wanna dress up in vibrant colours, noope! The alternative? I wear black!

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A Bloggers Diary: April Goals

There’s a couple of goals I wish to achieve this month, obviously some may be a bit too far fetched but hey, goals are goals, right? So without further ado here are my goals of…

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