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Best foundation for oily skin? Mini experiment!!

Helloo my potatoes! (Yep, kinda random) So I have combination skin where sometimes I breakout in a awkward part of my face annnd other times I’m just plain oily so I wanted to know what foundation was best for my skin. I decided to do a mini test with a couple of foundations to see which ones gave out more oil. I used Boots brand oil absorbing blotting paper which usually absorbs the skins oils to make your face more matte and squirted a pea sized amount on the paper to see the results. Boy was I surprised!

The foundation I used for this mini test was Charlotte Tilbury Light wonder, Estée Lauders double wear, Smashbox studio skin 15h hydration, Benefit Big Easy, Estée Lauder BB moisture makeup, Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24h, Clinique CC cream and Smashbox Camera ready BB. As I read these I did think the ones that would end up with the most oily sheet would be the moisturising foundations or the BB/CC creams since it makes sense to hydrate you’d have a little extra oil. Below are the results!!

As you can see the ones with the arrows had the most oils within the products, i left them there for about 5-6 hours, Seeing this made me realise the amount of extra oil from certain products are added on my face!  surprisingly the ones which gave out more oil wasn’t the BB’s or the CC (well…except the smash box BB) it was the ones I least expected! Charlotte Tilburys light wonder, Benefit Big Easy and Smashbox BB.    The ones with least amount of oil on the sheets were Estée Lauder double wear, Estée Lauder BB, Smashbox studio skin 15h hydration (thought this one was going to have the most.. oops) and Clinique CC cream.  I didn’t mention Lancômes one since this one had its sheet tinting almost immediately whilst I was placing the other foundations on the sheet so I thought this one gave out its oil…faster? If that makes sense? Yeah!    Anyways, I hope you liked my little experiment! thanks for reading 🙂  Mishkiins x


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