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Beautiful Brighton!

I’m officially back in London and I’ve still got time before uni starts, so I decided to take a mini trip to Brighton!  Thankfully, this weekend was sunny and warm, It’s usually hard to get those two combinations in British weather, so it was a pleasant stay at he beach!       we decided to try out airbnb for the first time and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad! We ended up having a cheap room with amazing views! Brighton is such a beautiful place to stay especially when the weather is great with sunshine! 

I’m just gonna talk about the pros and cons of Brighton, mostly you’ll see is views and food!! So I hope you enjoy! 


The most important thing I love is food, so luckily Brighton has a variety of foods to try! Each restaurant had their own little theme, for example just by the beach there is an American styled diner which sells the typical American breakfasts, but also offer alternatives such as the English breakfast (one pictured above, doesn’t that look delicious??) this place offers an 50s/60s atmosphere with a great attention to their clients! You’ll see what I mean with the image below 🙂 

See what I mean?! Super cool and different, you don’t usually feel like you’re being transported to another place and this place definitely did the job! 
The next and obvious place to visit in Brighton is obviously the pier, where you can buy candy floss, churros, basically anything awesome! And of course have a chance to play at the arcades or go on the rides! 
There are a few warnings though, if you do buy ice cream, candy floss or anything delicious, you will be followed or even attacked by the mischievous seagulls! You have been warned people!! Oh and you will find an amazing view to take pictures 🙂 

There are two piers in Brighton, one which I’ve shown you at the beginning where it was burnt some years ago and the newer one where it’s nearer to the shopping centre, sea life and where most people usually stay or chill at the beach. The beaches are very pleasant to sit and relax or play about although I do warn you, the water is fuuurreeziingg cold!! I think those who actually swim in these waters are super brave to handle that temperature! The beaches are all rocky but its nice to walk around and enjoy :3

The fish food here is really nice too, we went to the regency restaurant where it has its classy and cute ‘victorian’ style.
This seafront restaurant was home to a very rich women who enjoyed dining by the seafront with the amazing view, but then converted into a restaurant in the 1930’s, its known to be one of the oldest yet popular place to go and dine. 
We chose a sharing platter called the Extravaganza shellfish platter (hot) which had a whole lobster with melted cheese on top (drool), oysters, mussels in wine and king prawns, I’m sure I’m missing more things since it was a huge plate but meh the picture shows everything! This place is amazing if you love fresh fish and the amazing view of the sea and the west pier (the burnt pier).
Hope you enjoyed reading! I’ll be posting more of my little adventures here n there :3 

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