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About Me

Hey There! My name is Michelle- I’m a uni student that dreams to travel the world!

I started blogging since 2014 (i think?) and i haven’t stopped! this used to be a mini hobby but I’ve finally made the decision to put some love and dedication to this lil blog of mine.

as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a Beauty Advisor who just loves to travel! makeup has always been my obsession and i just can’t stop collecting makeup and trying new things!

so a few really random things about me:

  • My name and surname is exactly the same as the actress Michelle Rodriguez
  • I’m latina 🙂
  • I love Disney movies- no matter how old I am, I love rewatching them!
  • Beauty- obsessed with trying out new skincare! and sharing it with you guys
  • Makeup- cant stop collecting makeup products
  • Travelling- I think I’ve mentioned this before…right? haha
  • Food! but who doesn’t like food?
  • I’m a super, SUPER fan of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts! (love you Square Enix!)
  • I have no idea how to pose (I look super awkward when someone takes a picture of me haha)

I’m super shy! But I try my best to push myself to overcome my shyness and my little blog helps!

Thanks for reading!!

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